Carrie Ferguson

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carrie! so excited to have stumbled onto your site and also to see that you are producing another album. love the site, love the music, and love seeing how you have grown and blossomed into the beautiful singer-songwriter you are today. wish i could see you live again. perhaps soon. missing cherry street :) xo ~jeanne
Again, great set at Memorial Hall 3/17/12. Will try to see another show.
Enjoyed your show at First Night! Looking forward to attending future performances!
Found your CD in projection booth at Memorial Hall Shelburne,while being projectionist for 5hr version of Wagners Siegfried,listening now, love it.(your cd) Great band, hope too see you live someday.
I have been checking out your tunes. Congratulations on such a fine CD. Sounds great! Great players, and great songs, too. Engaging melodies, honest emotion, clever rhymes. I'm liking it!
Liking the cd I bought yesterday.
Hey Carrie! Looking forward to seeing you perform for the 1st time tomorrow in Montague. I'm a big fan of Jennifer Greer, but I liked the music played on your website!
Please contact me about a possible gig either this fall or next spring
I was at the Perks performance! I had no idea it was the debut performance for the band- you guys were such a pleasant surprise...I was just there to grab a sandwich :) I ended up leaving with your album and I've played it right through about 5 times since. Great songwriting, and a lot of fun. I was in a somewhat melancholy mood, and 'Mermaid' and 'Paris' really struck a chord. So you've got my attention: I'm listening. Keep rocking!
So, I really enjoy your music. I stumbled across your website while "google-ing" my name. (Silly egosentric curiosity) Very strange to see the lines that have always formed my identity used by someone else... Carrie Ferguson
Hey Carrie -- not sure I have your email. Will get it from Gavin, but looks like I am going to be able to pitch the 3-min video profile ideas tomorrow night. Would love it if you can make it -- and would love work with you on a short film if I can raise some cash. It's 8-2 at the Elevens tomorrow night. xo, Jesse
We saw you guys at the Conway Festival of the hills and bought your CD. We've been listening to it a lot and I enjoyed Let You Go so much, I, in my beginner guitar ability, figured out the tabs so I can play it with my kids while we're hanging around the house. Glad to see you'll be at the Center School Rumpus - we'll come and look for you!
perfect site
Hi Carrie, I bought your CD after your show at the Festival of the Hills in Conway. I must say it's the best collection of songs I've bought in a long time. And I love your band - you all are really good together. Check out some pictures I took @ Hope to catch your show again soon! Mike
Hey Carrie, How cool are you? This is a great site, easy to navigate and the fact that you can hear all your songs in their entirety is amazing. I'm starting to wrap my mind around writing a review for you. Love you lots!!! Olivia
This web site kicks butt! I love it, I like hearing one of my favorites while poking around. Carrie, you are an inspiration and I need to come to a show because I miss the magic of you and your peeps. Keep it up girlfriend!! Rythea
Great site! Congrats on the album, too! There is a bit of a music scene here in Pittsburgh; if ever you find yourself booking a couple of gigs here, our spare bed is yours. _Lots_ of little theaters, as well as bars that host bands. It's an 11-hour drive, so it would only be worth it if you could line up a few things over the course of a week. I have a couple of connections that I could hook you up with, if you wanted to do a mini tour in the 'burgh!