Carrie Ferguson

This Sunday in VT; Thursday on Cape Cod


I'm looking forward to playing with 2TheMoon (me and Shelley Hines!) at the beautiful riverside eatery, Whetstone Station in Brattleboro, VT, tomorrow.  That's Sunday 8/5 at 5 pm!  Come join us on the roof for drinks and pub food and a diverse assortment of popular tunes!

Also, this week I'll be performing with Piti Theatre in our musical play, "To Bee Or Not To Bee" in Brewster, MA.  That's Thursday, August 9 at 1 pm at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History.

And coming up in September, 2 shows, Boston and Easthampton, with "Sisters in Song", a traveling collaboration with Heather Pierson and Phoebe Legere!   

In other news, I had a blast last Sunday with Tom Adams from Reelife Productions, shooting footage of amazinly cute puppies and dogs for the video to my song  "Puppy Song"!  The video will be out in January and will be the first single from my upcoming collection of music for children, also out Spring 2019.


May 19 Wendell Full Moon Coffee House


Okay, I just have one big gig to tell you about this time: On Saturday, May 19 at 7 pm, armed with a full band featuring members of The Gaslight Tinkers and The Cherry Street Squad, I will be performing at the Wendell Full Moon Coffehouse, in Wendell, MA.  This will be the first time in a long while that I've gotten to play with a full band (drums! bass! guitar and mandolin! harmonies! and possibly a saxophone......) and I am super looking forward to it.  I've always wanted to play at the Full Moon Coffeehouse because of its fun, cozy vibe (not to mention the best bake sale in the world, the Coffehouse's famous Dessert-o'-rama)! This is an all-ages show.  In fact, the whole night is a benfit for Deerpaths Nature School (which just happens to be directed by my partner, Seal LaMadeleine).  Students from Deerpaths will open the show, including the not-to-be-missed youth bands, J In The Middle and The Wendell Swamp Sisters.  Admission is $6-$12, plus lots of great door prizes!



New CD, March Shows, Song Blog




At the risk of eliciting jealous hatred, I will confess that I am writing this email from Northport, Florida, where it is warm and sunny.  Right now the weird winter weather of New England seems like a distant and unpleasant dream. Guess I'm in for a harsh awakening when I return Monday evening! In the meantime, here are some updates on my various projects:

My New CD: Piti Theatre's Greatest Bits, Vol. I 

A couple of years ago, Piti Theatre and I received a generous grant from Club Passim in Boston, via the Iguana Fund.  We used the money to help make a compilation of 16 of our favorite songs from some of the "mini musicals" we've done together. This collection is a smorgasbord of songs covering many different subjects/themes and includes songs from educational residencies at public schools as well as songs from our two touring plays, "To Bee or Not To Bee', and 'Innocenzo'. It took us awhile, but we are finally finished and will be digitally releasing the CD on March 11 at Syrup, Piti's annual Performing Arts Festival. If you can't make it to the festival, you can download the CD here.  Physical CDs will be available shortly.  Let me just say, I am really, really, into these songs and these recordings! Please check it out!

Song Blog  

I've been publishing my weekly Song Blog, 'Catch and Release', for 2 months now and I am having a blast.  Every week I post a song plus art and lyrics and thoughts.  For the next few months I will be featuring songs from my new CD with Piti Theatre.  This week's song is 'Magnet Star', a song about Electromagnets. Please take a look/listen:   Catch and Release, a Song Blog.

2 The Moon

If you haven't seen/heard my covers duo 2TheMoon yet, Shelley Hines and I will be back once again at the Deja Brew in Wendell, MA, to rock your world!  Loud singing, fist pumping, and foot stomping is highly encouraged, and basically unavoidable. We throw a GREAT party!  Resistance is futile. Folks, this is not just empty hyperbole, come see for yourselves!


Hawks and Reed February 17; New Song Blog



I'm looking forward to my upcoming show on February 17 with Pamela Means and Diana Alvarez at the Hawks and Reed Performing Art Center (formely The Arts Block), in Greenfield, MA.  This show is a triple-threat, three layer cake, three for one extravaganza! Diana and I are each doing a set, opening for Pamela and her amazing band.  Here's why I think you shouldn't miss this show:


Pamela Means! Pamela is an incredible guitar player with a unique original playing style and smart lyrics.  Her voice is like sexy, assertive butter.  Her melodies and grooves will get stuck in your head.  And she is super funny!


Diana Alvarez! Diana is a Xicana singer/poet/songwriter/composer and video/sound artist.  Her original multimedia performance, Queiro Volver: a Xicanx Ritual Opera, honoring women, and non-binary, and genderqueer people of color, was just performed in October 2017 at Holyoke Community College.  She has great lyrics and a stunning voice.


Yours Truly!  (Yes, if you click the link it will go to my website where you can learn all about me if you don't know already) I will be joined on February 17 by my good friend Shelley Hines singing sweet harmonies.  Also, I'll be debuting at least one "new-to-you" song.


On January 6 I launched my new Song Blog!  It's called Catch and Release, and every week I post a song plus art and lyrics and thoughts.  I just posted Song #4 and I am really, really, really enjoying myself.  Please check it out!  Catch and Release, a Song Blog.


If you missed my covers duo 2TheMoon's standing-room-only epic show at the Deja Brew in Wendell last weekend, never fear!  Shelley Hines and I will be back at the Brew on March 24 once again to sing all your favorite songs!  Fist pumping and foot stomping is highly encouraged, and basically unavoidable.


As always, I hope to see you!



New Year, New Song Blog



I can't beleve that 2017 is nearly over.  What a doozey this year has been!  Amidst it all, here are some things that have inspired me this year and give me hope for 2018:

The recent election of Doug Jones in Alabama, overthrowing Roy Moore and potentially tipping the balance of power in the Senate.

This Fall, the #MeToo movement with folks coming forward to name their abusers and to share stories of survival from sexual assault and harassment.

Inspired by the #MeToo movement, the surge of women deciding to run for election in 2018. It seems like people are waking up and realizing "Hey!  WHY DON'T I RUN FOR OFFICE?"  Imagine, just imagine, what it would be like if some day >50% of government positions are held by women, LGBTQ people, and people of color?  Wow. That vision gives me chills, the good kind.

On a local note, I am super inspired by the work of local radio host personality, Monte Belmonte from 99.3 WRSI The River.   With his annual fundraising drives to fight cancer and end hunger, his dedication to revitalizing the Shea Theater in Turner's Falls, MA, and many other great projects, Monte is a great example of someone using their celebrity reach for good.

And also very inspiring to me are my two buddies Samara Sawyer (8) and Ajika Sawyer (11) who practice EVERY SINGLE DAY!  They are both wonderful musicians and are featured on my upcoming kid's record, The Grumpy Time Club (hopefully out Fall 2018!), singing and playing trombone and bass.

2018 is already shaping up to be a musically busy year for me.  If all goes as planned, in March Piti Theatre and I will be releasing  our "Greatest Hits"  Collection, Vol I; and in  Fall 2018, I plan to release The Grumpy Time Club.  I'll have more to say about both of those projects in next month's newsletter.

In the meantime, I'm super excited to announce that on January 6, 2018,  I'll be unveling my new Song Blog, Catch and Release.  I've been wanting to do this for years and it is finally happening! This blog will feature as of yet unrealeased tunes from my large back catalogue and songs from Piti Theatre, as well as new songs.  Some of the songs will be professionally recorded and produced, some will be home recorded.  Every week I'll post a new-to-you song along with art, lyrics, a brief story about the song, and a link for streaming/downloading.  To learn more about this project and to SUBSCRIBE!!!!, please visit Catch and Release, a Song Blog.


Opening for Chely Wright July 30


I just want to let all you local MA folks know that on Sunday July 30, I will be opening for Chely Wright at the Iron Horse in Northampton.  Chely is an award-winning country singer-songwriter and the first openly gay commercial country star.  She's an extremely courageous and inspiring person and I really dig her songs, especially her recent record. There's actually a whole documentary film, called Wish Me Away, about her and her experience coming out to the country music community.  And here's a cool article about her recent record.  


This is going to be a really fun show.  I'll be joined by the angel-voiced Elizabeth Donahue doing harmonies.   As always, you can get the best deal if you get your tickets from me.  No pesky phone or counter fees! Tickets are $17.50 ahead of time, and $20 at the door.  Just email me if you're interested!



Dancing, singing, howling


Just a quick note, written from my 2nd floor apartment on this nearly ninety degree night of June 13, 2017, crickets and catbirds in the tree outside my window protesting Yahoo New's recap of Attorney General Jeff Session's testimony......Hey, why not come hear some sincerely gorgeous and uplifting music this Friday night?  

On Friday June 16, I'll be playing at the wonderful 1794 Meeting House in New Salem, MA (just over the border from Wendell, Shutesbury, Leverett, and Belchertown!).   The show starts at 7:30 and is proceeded by a byo picnic with wine for sale by the glass.  Also on the bill that night are my good friend Emma June "howling unapologetic folk ballads" and the irresitible string band, Mamma's Marmalade.  The evening is a fundraiser for the valley's newest professional theater company, TheatreTruck, which describes itself as "a roving collaborative crafting mobile and site-specific performance sustainably and playfully."

Dancing, singing and howling for all!  Take a break from the screen and come have some fun with us!




My Other Vehicle Is A Song!


This Saturday April 15, at 3 pm,  I will be performing in a benefit concert for the ACLU at First Churches in Northampton, MA.  I've got a really beautiful band lined up for this show:  JJ O'Connell on drums, Jim Henry on guitar, Garrett Sawyer on bass.  Also on the bill are Pamela Means, The Nields and Jim Armenti.  This is going to be a great show, for an excellent cause! 


For sale at the show will be a new compilation CD of joyfully resistant songs by over 20 Western MA musicians.  All proceeds go to the ACLU.


For more information about the compilation, and tickets to the show, please check out the show's Facebook Page.


 Also, I'm pleased to announce the results of my latest late-night/early-morning obsession session:  I've decided to conduct my own, personal fund-raiser for the ACLU.  I've made bumper stickers that say "MY OTHER VEHICLE IS A SONG".  They're purple and I'm selling them for 3 bucks each.  All profits go to the ACLU.  They're really cool and going fast so get yours while supplies last. Just reply to this email and I'll send you one!



Beer and Syrup



I've got a couple of fun things happening this month:


This Saturday I'll once again be participating in Piti Theatre's annual performing arts festival, Syrup.  This year's headliner is two time Grammy winner musician and story teller Bill Harley who will be performing his own set and narrating stories performed by Piti's Shelburne Falls Youth Troupe at 4 pm.  I will be performing  a song I wrote in collaboration with Piti Theatre's Jonathan Mirin, "Praise to Spring", featuring choreography by Godeliève Richard and Ballet Renversé at 4 pm to lead off Bill's set.  Also, at 2 pm is the world premiere of Sammy and the Grand Buffet, a solo physical-international comedy featuring Jonathan Mirin as Sammy, an American clown in Paris at 2 pm.


Second time's the charm:  Sunday March 26, I'll be playing a dinner show at The Deja Brew Pub in Wendell, MA, from 6:30 to 9 pm with my new duo, 2 The Moon.  2 The Moon is comprised of myself on piano and the lovely vocalist Shelley Hines.  We will be playing a fun and diverse assortment of familiar tunes from many genres and eras, including a few originals.  This show is rescheduled from last month when I got the flu and had to cancel!  Come hear our playful take on "lounge music"! 


Looking ahead to next month: on Saturday April 15, at 3 pm,  I will be performing in a benefit concert for the ACLU at First Churches in Northampton, MA.  Also on the bill are Pamela Means, The Nields and The Winter Pills.  This is going to be a great show, for an excellent cause.  For more information and tickets, please check out the Facebook Page.



Opening for Patty Larkin at the Iron Horse Feb 10


I've been up to a bunch of stuff, including a new little cover band, and a stint this past January playing keys with the Pioneer Valley's Rock Voices choir.


Like many folks I know, I've also been reeling from the results of the presidential election, alternating between despair, and excitement about the enormous wave of positive energy and activism that is sweeping the country in resistance to the policies of the new administration.  As the first full catasrophic week of Trump unfolded, I found myself thinking "What's the point of making music and art?  Why bother?  Now isn't the time for singing and dancing..."  But of course, this IS exactly the time for singing and dancing!  The whole point of art and music is to get people MOVING, THINKING, and  FEELING.


Across the country musicians/artists/people are figuring out how best to contribute positively and creatively to the fight against Mr. Trump's racist, bigoted, anti-environment agenda. Locally in Western MA, you can expect some benefit concerts and compilations on the horizon.  I will keep you posted!



Check out this recent music video by my buddy Tom Knight!

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AND...I have two exciting upcoming shows to tell you about:



On Friday, February 10th I'll have the privilege of opening for Patty Larkin at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA. The music magazine Performing Songwriter described Patty as "a drop dead brilliant guitar player, a richly textural singer, a commanding, poetic songwriter, a hilarious and personable entertainer."  I feel quite honored to share a bill with Patty am really looking forward to this show!  Tickets are $25 at the door, $20 plus fees at the NoHo Box Office, and just $20 if you get them from me.  If you're interested in obtaining cheapest tickets, please contact me:



Also, on Sunday February 19th, I'll be playing a dinner show at The Deja Brew Pub in Wendell, MA, from 6:30 to 9 pm with my new duo, 2 The Moon.  2 The Moon is comprised of myself on piano and the lovely vocalist Shelley Hines.  We will be playing a fun and diverse assortment of familiar tunes from many genres and eras, including a few originals.  Come hear our playful take on "lounge music"!





Spring News


It is officially Spring here on Cherry Street in Northampton.  Out of my second story kitchen window I'm watching a cheerfully tenacious family of Starlings move back into holes in the roof of the house next door.  They are clearly confident of their entitlement to the place, despite the attempts the owners make every year to convince them otherwise.  Sometimes I feel that way about songwriting...I've learned that its better to just make way for these things!


Tonight I'm playing at the Chestnut Tree House Concert in Oxford, CT, with the delightful and inspiring Martin Swinger.  There are still a few seats left for a great show and pot luck dinner, so if you're interested, please email Barbara at the address below.


Coming up:  I'm doing a triple bill at the Amherst Sustainability Festival on April 16.  I'll be performing with Piti Theatre at 10 am, then with the Cherry Street Squad at 1 pm, and Chris Scanlon and the Other Guys at 2 pm.   



January 2016: Happy New Year!


It's been a while!  I ended up taking a little break from performing these past few months due to a rusty voice induced by some nasty lingering post-cold post-nasal drip!

But, as the winter weather tries to figure itself out  (will all this icey rain and cold, dry wind ever turn into SNOW?), I am emerging and ready for some fun performances coming up solo, with the band, and with Piti Theatre.


On Thursday, Feb 4, 7 pm, I'll be opening for the wonderful singer-songwriter, Jill Sobule  at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA.  Some of you may remember Jill from her hit song "I Kissed a Girl (the original)" in the mid-'90s.  Over a career spanning 2 decades and eight albums, Jill's songs have "mused on topics such as the death penalty, anorexia, shoplifting, reproduction, the French resistance movement, adolescence and the Christian right".  This is going to be a really FUN show!  If you'd like cheaper tickets, I'm sellin' 'em, so please don't hesitate to email me.

On Saturday March 5, 7 pm, I'm honored to be hosting a co-bill with my buddies the Heather Pierson Trio, from New Hampshire, over at the Luthier's Coop in Easthampton.  Okay, let me just say this:  These guys are really, really, really GOOD!  Don't miss your chance to see this up and coming band in a room as cozy and intimate as the Luthier's Coop.  Folksey, Jazzy, great harmonies, beautifully played acoustic instruments, great songwriting, they've got it all.  Sweet people, too.  I'll be performing with my band, The Cherry Street Squad.   The Women's Songwriting Collective is also performing later that night.  Seriously, this is going to be a great show!

On Sunday, March 20 at the Memorial Hall in shelburne Falls, I'll be performing with Piti Theatre in our annual festival:  Syrup, One Sweet Performing Arts Festival.  This year we will debut our play with music "Olde Coleraine" which is about the history of Cloraine, in Western MA.   (Out of all the shows I've done with Piti, I'm particularly fond of the plucky little tunes in this show, co-written by Piti Director Jon Mirin and myself).  Syrup will also feature Puppetkabob, a puppet theatre company from Vermont who will present their production The Snowflake Man, recipient of the Union Internationale de la Marionette's citation of excellence in 2011 - puppetry's highest honor.

And finally, just a word about my "band".  As an independent musician and songwriter, it is a pretty tricky business to maintain a full, consistent band, simply because gigs don't always pay enough for me to pay other folks!  Over the years I've performed solo, as a duo, trio, quartet, quintet, even once with a glorious seven-piece ensemble.  The 6 or 7 amazing musicians I play with are consistent over the long term, but never as a specific combo, so, whenever I have the fortune to be accompanied, I never quite know what to call it.   "The Carrie Ferguson Band" as a catch-all title is too boring.  I like "The Cherry Street Band" (named after the house and studio where myself and several of the folks in my "band" have lived), but again, we're not really a BAND, and I'm the only full-time member.   SO, from now on I've decided that any time I'm playing with 3 or more folks, we'll be "Carrie Ferguson and The Cherry Street Squad"....and you'll just have to show up to see what the combo of the day is!



September Shows in CT, NH


Happy almost Fall!  I'm back in MA after spending August in Northern CA, where sadly the air is thick with smoke from all the fires and the rivers are super low from drought.  And dire predictions that this is the new M.O. for future summer weather.  Global warming/climate change IS happening, Mr Trump!  (No, as far as I know, he has not yet signed up for these mailings)

But despite a fairly constant sense of impending environmental doom, I still managed to have a blast visiting my friends and family in my beautiful hometown Arcata!  AND, I had such a great time hosting my New England pals, the Gaslight Tinkers, at the Arcata Playhouse.  They backed me for my set, I sang with them on a few of their tunes, and we both collaborated with some excellent local musicians.  Great venue, great audience, really fun night!  I also just need to officially thank my parents here:  they were my backbone in setting up the whole event.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

I've got a couple of cool shows happening this September.  I've been chosen as a finalist for the CT Folk Festival Songwriting Competition on Saturday morning September 12 at Edgerton Park in New Haven, CT.  As a bonus, at 1:30 PM I'll be doing a little show at the Meier Hot Sauce Booth.  This is a REALLY sweet little festival.  Its completely free (donations highly suggested!) and features a bunch of superb well-known, plus up and coming, regional acts.  If you're in CT and free that day, I highly recommend checking it out.    Also, I'm looking forward to doing a house concert at the legendary  Highlands Inn in Bethlehem, NH on Saturday, September 26.


Carrie Ferguson's Summer Shows: California and New England!


Hello Friends!

I hope this finds you all well!  Summer is underway with plenty of rain and steamy days here in Massachusetts.  Seal and I had a fantastic time up in Maine last month at Acadia National Park.  We hiked and swam and lounged around on the perfect sunbathing rocks of a mountain lake.  Wildflowers and sunsets and two weeks of sleeping and eating outdoors!  Heavenly.


I want to let you know about some fun shows and projects I've got coming up in July and August:

First, I'll be performing at the annual Upper Valley Music Festival at the Shea Theater in Turners Falls, MA on Saturday, July 25, 2 pm.  If you're a Pioneer Valley resident and you've never been to this festival, you must check it out!  It is simply one of the sweetest, most eclectic festivals of the summer.  There are over 30 bands performing from noon to midnight, all for 15 bucks!  Its a smorgasbord of cool regional music and friendly folks.   For my set I'll be joined by my bandmates Chris Scanlon and Elizabeth Donahue.  I'll also be playing keys with Chris Scanlon at 1 pm, opening the festival at the Shea Theater.

August 1st I get to perform at the Soule Homestead in Middleborough, MA, opening for the excellent band Spuyten Duvil.  This is an outdoor concert so feel free to bring lawn chairs and a picnic! 


I'm REALLY excited about this one:  On Thursday, August 13th, I'll be performing at the Arcata Playhouse, in my hometown of Arcata, CA, doing a co-bill with my buddies The Gaslight Tinkers, from Western MA.  Check out the Gaslight Tinkers online!  They are an incredible live band, describing their sound as "Afrobeat, Caribbean, breakbeat, funk, and latin grooves meet trad Northern Fiddle".  This is joyful, inventive, irresistible dance will not be able to sit still!  Plus, members from the Tinkers will be backing me on my set.   This is going to be a really fun night, so if you live in Humboldt County, don't miss it!


And lastly, this summer I'm playing keys in the house band for the Pioneer Valley Rock Choir.  If you live in Western MA you might have heard of the PVRC, a massive community choir with over 100 voices exuberantly singing classic and contemporary rock and pop.  Its the brain-child of my buddy Tony Lechner, mastermind conductor, arranger and organizer.  This summer's theme is "California Summer "and features songs by The Beachboys, The Grateful Dead, Steely Dan, and more.  For more information click the link or check out the calendar below.




This Saturday Night May 2nd, Somerville Songwriter Sessions! 8 pm



Happy May!  Tulips are blooming, trees are blossoming, Cardinals are mating in my backyard tree! 


Tomorrow night, Saturday May 2nd, 8 pm, I'll be in Somerville, MA, at the Somerville Armory as part of the ongoing Somerville Singersongwriter Sessions.  I'll be performing in the round with award-winning Maine songwriter Paddy Mills and the wonderful Boston songwriter Terry Kitchen.   Apparently there is plenty of free parking!  You can find out more about the show and read a great interview with Paddy here. 


I'll be performing INNOCENZO with Piti Theatre on May 9th at the Great Falls Discovery Center in Turners Falls, MA. INNOCENZO uses clowning, puppetry, magic, music and songs (written by yours truly in collaboration with Jonathan Mirin), and dance to tell the story of a clown who discovers that he has Electro Magnetic Sensitivity.   It's a smart, light-hearted, entertaining treatment of a somber and important subject.  We've been getting great responses from audiences for this show.  We only have a few more public performances coming up this season before my colleagues Jon Mirrin and Goudelieve Richards head to Switzerland for 6 months, so if you want to see the show this year, grab your chance! 




April News: Simmering, Awards, Upcoming Shows, Piti Theatre


I can't believe it is April already!  I'm writing to you from beautiful, unseasonably clear-skyed Arcata, Northern California.  I'm out here for a week, visiting my parents and friends and taking a little break from the lingering winter back East.  My plan is to return to full fledged Spring!  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.


February and March were months of simmering and lying low for me, working on various projects, working with Piti Theatre on our new show, staying close to home (except one dreamy week in Florida!) and then March hit with THE FLU!  Whoah.  What a doozie!


Here are some of the projects I'm up to:



A lot of February and March was spent working with Piti Theatre getting our latest show, INNOCENZO, ready for its debut at the Syrup Festival in late March. INNOCENZO uses clowning, puppetry, music and songs (written by yours truly in collaboration with Jonathan Mirin), and dance to tell the story of a clown who discovers that he has Electro Magnetic Sensitivity.   It's a smart, light-hearted, entertaining treatment of a somber and important subject.  We're really excited about this show and will be touring with it this Spring.  For more information about upcoming shows, please see below or visit  Piti's Website.


New Recording In the Works

As many of you know, this year Piti Theatre and I were awarded a $2,000 Iguana Fund Grant from Boston's Club Passim.  We'll be using the funds to create a "Greatest Hits" Collection of songs from the 5 shows that we've created and performed together.  Recording will begin in the June.  Stay tuned!  And, thanks, Club Passim!


First Place in Eventide Arts Songwriting Competition, Children's 

I'm honored to report that my song The Grumpy Time Club, co-written with Garrett and Samara Sawyer, has won first place in the Children's category of the the Eventide Songwriting Competition.  For more information about this great Arts Organization and the contest, click here.


Rockwood Music Hall and Somerville Armory Shows

I'm looking forward to playing with my dear friend and long-time music collaborator Chris Scanlon at the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on Sunday April 19th at 3 pm.  This is our first time performing in this prestigious venue, so we could sure use your support!  Milkshakes afterwards!


Saturday May 2nd, 8 pm, I'll be in Somerville, MA, at the Somerville Armory as part of their Singersongwriter Sessions.  I'll be performing in the round with award-winning Maine songwriter Paddy Mills and the legendary Boston songwriter Terry Kitchen.  This is going to be a beautiful and fun night so if you live in the Boston area, I hope you can make it!









Gigantic January! Iguana Fund Grant, SAW Award


Happy New Year!  I hope that your 2015 has gotten off to a great start.  Mine certainly has!  The first piece of good news came during the 2nd week of December when I found out that I and Piti Theatre, the theater company I write and perform for, have won a $2,000 grant from Club Passim's Iguana Fund!  We are so grateful and excited to start working on our new project which will be a CD of "greatest hits" from some of the shows we've done.  Stay tuned for more on that, plus our upcoming new show, Innocenzo, soon.  Thanks, Club Passim!

The second piece of great news came during the last hours of 2014 when I found out that my song, The Grumpy Time Club, co-written with Garret and Samara Sawyer, has won second place in the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest.  Again, I am very grateful and excited!  The awards ceremony will be on January 25th down in Vienna, VA.  Thanks, SAW!

January is shaping up to be a big month of cool shows.  January 9-11th I'll be doing a "mini- tour" with Chris Scanlon down in the CT, NYC, and NJ area (for details, see below).  January 15th I'm back at the Iron Horse opening for my friend Carolyn Walker at the release party for her new CD, Incarnadine (details are below...and as always, if you're interested in tickets, I've got 'em cheap, so shoot me an email).   And lastly, I'm looking forward to performing at this year's Winter Amherst Live on January 17 at the Kirby Theater in Amherst, MA.  Amherst Live is a "live magazine" show, sort of a mash-up of Ted Talks, The Moth, and A Prairie Home Companion.  I'll be doing a few songs accompanied by the glorious Elizabeth Donahue. 

Looking forward to seeing you!



Holiday Sale! Opening for Catie Curtis at Iron Horse!


I can't believe that 2014 is almost over.  Whew!  It has been such a good, full and busy year.

I am really looking forward to opening for Catie Curtis, doing her special Christmas Show, at the Iron Horse this Friday, December 5th at 7pm.  I hope you will consider coming!  Tickets are still available and are MUCH CHEAPER if you get them from me ahead of time (no fees!).  Just write me if you're interested!

And....just in time for anything you might celebrate this month, I've got a special sale going on:  Any two of my CDs (Riding On The Back Of The Wind and The List of Whales) for only twenty bucks!  Free delivery or shipping! 

If you live in Northampton, I hope I see you at First Night, the Northampton Center for the Arts' town-wide, all-day New Years Eve music festival!  This time around my band will consist of the breathtaking Jim Henry, the amazing JJ O'Connell, the stupendous Chris Scanlon, and the incredible Zoe Langsdale.  We'll do two shows, at 4 pm and 5 pm, at One Bar and Grill (formerly The Elevens).  For information about First Night, click here.

And lastly, I'm pleased to announce that I get to be part of a cool new show called Amherst Live on January 17 at the Kirby Theater in Amherst, MA.  Amherst Live is a "live magazine" show, sort of a mash-up of Ted Talks, The Moth, and A Prairie Home Companion.  I'll be doing a few songs accompanied by the glorious Elizabeth Donahue.  For more information, click here.


Have happy holidays and a great New Year!   I hope to see you soon!



Burlington "Residency" 11/21-11/22; Opening for Catie Curtis at the Iron Horse 12/5


 I hope this finds you well, enjoying November.  I seem to know a lot of scorpios, so for me November is filled with birthday celebrations of various sorts.  My favorite thing this year is finding presents for my girlfriend on the side of the road!  It is amazing what people throw away.  I am not ashamed to say that I have found some really cool, interesting, useful, and even beautiful things in  "free piles".

Anyway, I've goat a few musical adventures coming up in the next 4 weeks to tell you about:  First, the weekend of November 21 and 22, I'll be doing a little "residency" in Burlington, VT with a show at the Skinny Pancake on Friday 11/21 and a show at Radio Bean on Saturday, 11/22.  If you are a Brulingtoner, please come out and say hi!  The Skinny Pancake is a crepe place and they literally wrap anything and everything they can think of in crepes.....Radio bean is known for their chicken and waffles!  Oh yeah, and the music will be good, too!

I am very excited about opening for the wonderful Catie Curtis at the Iron Horse on December 5th.  This is really an honor for me as she is one of my singer-songwriter heroes.  I hope you will consider coming!  Tickets are MUCH CHEAPER if you get them from me ahead of time.  You can do this by emailing me:

This coming weekend I'm headed to Kerhonkson, NY for the annual Northeast Regional Folk Conference.  It is literally four days of non-stop music, workshops, and networking, with some food and very little sleep thrown in there.  I'll be performing in 2 showcases each night.  I'm particularly looking forward to "Cover Your Friends" on Thursday where I'll be doing songs by my buddies Bernice Lewis, Jane Fallon, and Span of Sunshine.

I hope to see you!  Have a great Thanksgiving!



Kiss Burnout Goodbye


I just want to remind you that you still have time to register for  'Kiss Burnout Goodbye',  starting tomorrow, Monday October 6th through October 26th.  'Kiss Burnout Goodbye' is an online "virtual retreat" seminar put together by my friend Jeanell Innerarity of Dream Bold Bodyworks and features interviews with over 20 experts in the field of stress management and healthy living.  It's completely FREE, is designed for artists, health service providers, and change-makers, and is designed to help you get re-energized in your creative work.  If you're interested, click here to find out more!   Why am I plugging this seminar?  Because its going to be great!  Jeanell and co. have meticulously put together a fantastic roster of guest speakers who really know their stuff.  And, besides featuring my music in the introduction, it also include an interview and mini-concert with yours truly.


Fall is here!


Fall is here and I've got a couple of cool projects to tell you about, but first, just a quick reminder, I'll be at the     Dream Away Lodge in Becket, MA, this Friday 9/26, from 8 pm on.  JJ O'Connell will be with me adding his luscious percussion, and also Zoe Langsdale contributing her beautiful harmonies.  If you've never been to the Dream Away, perhaps this is the time to check it out!  They have great ambience  and YUMMY food! 

I'm pleased to announce that my music will be featured in a very cool online "virtual retreat' seminar, called 'Kiss Burnout Goodbye',  happening October 6th through October 26th  The program will also include an interview and mini-concert with yours truly.  'Kiss Burnout Goodbye' is put together by my friend Jeanell Innerarity of Dream Bold Bodyworks and features interviews with over 20 experts in the field of stress management and healthy living.  It's completely FREE, is designed for artists, health service providers, and change-makers, and is designed to produce powerful mindset shifts that can be implemented immediately.  If you're interested, click here to find out more!

ALSO, I'm excited to announce that I'm officially back in the recording studio working on my latest project, 'The Grumpy Time Club', which will be the first single from a CD of songs "for kids".  Yesterday was my first day back at Northfire Studios in Amherst, MA, working with Garrett Sawyer (producer and bass player on The List of Whales).  We were joined by drummer/percussionist Dave Noonan from Garrett's band The Gaslight Tinkers.  'The Grumpy Time Club'  will feature members of The Gaslight Tinkers and should be out some time next Spring.  Stay tuned!



Out in California


I'm out in CA on my annual trip to Humboldt County, where I grew up, visiting my folks and friends and the Pacific Ocean.  I've been visiting the beaches and the river, doing yard work,  and making huge amounts of broth for my father who is recovering from hernia surgery.  Last weekend I got to do my first official show out here, at the Fieldbrook Winery. The audience was comprised of people who knew me in pre-school, elementary school, high-school, early early college.....I felt like I was coming out as a grown up!  I had a GREAT time.  I got to reconnect with old friends and classmates....and they were such a great audience! It was such a treat to be LISTENED to.   Being a singer-songwriter, that's a real moment to savor. Big thanks to the Winery, to Leah and Judy Hodgson, and to my parents, who really had my back!

I've been doing a lot of songwriting, collaborating with Pit Theater's Jonathan Mirin and Godelieve Richards, who are in Switzerland right now.  We're working on Piti's newest project, 'Innocenzo', which is about Electro Magnetic Sensitivity and life in the time of Wireless Communication...yes, its a grim topic, but we're managing to have a lot of fun with it.  The new show should be making its stateside debut next Spring.

I also want to mention that I had a great time at the Solar Fest Songwriting Contest in Tinmouth, VT last month.  I ended up performing Wooden Nickel (thanks for the suggestion, Josh Brasca) and Paris.  I felt really good about my performance and met a lot of wonderful people, heard a lot of great music, and ate some wonderful food.  (Actually, I bought the same thing 3 meals in a row:  a huge plate of fresh organic salad, baba ghanoush, beets, chickpeas and home made bread and butter!  YUM!)  Congratulations to winners Connor Garvey, Gary Moon, and Carolann Solabello!

Coming up, the weekend of September 5th and 6th, I'll be teaming up once again with my Songbirds of New England buddies, Heather Pierson and Caroline Cotter.  We'll be doing two shows, at Salyards Center for the Arts in Conway, NH, and The Montague Bookmill, in Montague, MA.  If you haven't had a chance to come out and see our show yet, please do. Both Caroline and Heather are extraordinary writers and performers - Heather is an INCREDIBLE pianist!  I am not kidding.  The three of us swap songs and back each other up, its a veritable "Song Buffet".  Please come and check us out!



Summer Stuff


The summer is whistling past my ears!  It’s been a great one so far, though!  In late June I got to take a 10 day VACATION with my sweetie.  We went to the Cape, and then to Acadia up in Maine.  SO BEAUTIFUL!  If you have never been to Acadia, you must go!  We had great weather the whole time, too.  We did a little biking and hiking and a lot of relaxing.  Some ice-cream was consumed as well.

On July 19th, I was honored to perform as one of 10 finalists in the annual Songwriter’s Showcase at the VT Solar Festival .  Solar Fest is an exciting and eclectic sustainability-themed festival in Tinmouth, VT.  Check it out here.  Congratulations go out to winners Connor Garvey, Carolann E. Solabello, and Gary Moon!  And thanks to everyone who replied to last month's newsletter with suggestions for which songs to do!  There were a lot of different opinions, but the top picks were 'To the Moon', 'Sealie', 'Thomas' Horse', and 'Wooden Nickel'.  I ended up performing 'Paris' and 'Wooden Nickel' for the competition and 'To the Moon' and 'Cat and Piggy' for the song circle later that night.  I had a great weekend, met some wonderful new songwriter buddies, and heard some great music.

I’m also looking forward to playing once more at the 4th annual Upper Valley Music Festival, this year being held in Greenfield, MA on July 26.  This incredible festival is put on by my friends Jess and Tommy Byrnes at Sovereignty Music and is a benefit for the American Cancer Soceity.  Talk about eclectic!  It features over 30 local and regional bands/performers in all genres, AND it’s only fifteen bucks!  This festival is definitely a little-known gem and I highly recommend it.  I’ll be playing at the Arts Block at 7 pm with my buddies  Chris Scanlon and the Other Guys , and then again with my own band (including members of the Gaslight Tinkers, who are also playing the UVM Festival at the Energy Park at 6 pm) at 8 pm. Check it out here.


New Album Released Locally



The List of Whales, Carrie Ferguson's triumphant second full- length studio album bridges genres with a dreamy mix of folk pop and indie rock all held together by Ferguson's addictively catchy melodies and vivid, carefully crafted lyrics. Contact us today for a copy of the new CD!



The Big Countdown


Only about a month and a half to go......the time is racing by!

I am so excited about releasing this record, in its physical form, on January 5th at the Iron Horse in Northampton.  The show is going to be fantastic!  I have the BEST BAND EVER lined up:  Jim Henry on guitar/mandolin, JJ O'Connell on drums/percussion, Elizabeth Donahue singing harmonies, Zoe Darrow playing fiddle, Garrett Sawyer (who produced the record) on bass, Steve Yarbro on sax/clarinet, and Stephen Katz on cello.  My good friend Chris Scanlon and his band The Other Guys will start the show.  So fun! 


Tickets are on sale now!  You can save money by buying them ahead of time from me! 

(They are $12 in advance and $15 at the door) 

You can email me at

or call 1-800-THE-TICK


NERFA 2013


I just returned from spending the weekend at NERFA ( Northeast Regional Folk Alliance), a HUGE 3 day conference for folk musicians, DJs, presenters and promoters.  What a blast!  It's basically a non-stop party, with some business thrown in.  I played some show case,  met some great folks, heard some FANTASTIC music, and got the worst migraine of my life.  Now it's time to get down to business getting ready for the big CD release on January 5th....there's so much to do!


Off to Falcon Ridge!


Hey!  I get to perform in this year's Grassy Hill Emerging Artist Showcase at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival!  What an honor!  The line up of "emerging" artists this year is incredible, including my Western MA buddies The Boxcar Lilies, and one of my favorite bands, Darlingside.  The festival is Aug 2-4, the Emerging Artist Showcase is on August 2nd.  For more information, click here!

If you'd like to read an interview with me and some of the other artists in the Falcon Ridge showcase, check out Everything Sundry, a great blog on singer-songwriters by Kathy Sands-Boehmer.

Also, we've released the first single from The List Of Whales.  It's called On The Way To Ashfield, and you can hear/download it here!

Due to a variety of unforseen events this summer (including my father's emergency colon surgery, and Garrett (my producer) going to play bass in a reggae band in Suriname), I'm having to take a bit of a hiatus from working on the record.  We will resume in September with recording final vocals and mixing. 

AND, I'm excited to announce that we have a date for the CD Release Party:  Jan 5th, The Iron Horse, in Northampton, MA.  I'll have the full band from the record, plus my buddies Chris Scanlon and The Other Guys open.  More news soon......


Big June News!


Hi Everyone!

Two big pieces of news this month:

1.)    I'm releasing my new video, Girls Like Me, on YouTube on June 13th!  I am super excited!  This is the culmination of several months of work by me and film maker Tom Knight.  We had a FANTASTIC turn-out for the big shoot on April 6, and then we followed up with several smaller shoots as well.  Over all I think we have about 60 people in the video!  I am deeply grateful to everyone who came and showed their beautiful faces!  (And yes, those are my parents!) Thanks also to my beautiful partner, Seal, who choreographed the group dance.

As I write this the US Supreme Court is debating the constitutionality of California's Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.  Both of these unfair, backwards, hateful laws need to be overturned.  Now is the time!

Beyond marriage equality, my hope with this song, and with this video, is to convey the simple message that we should all have the right to be who we are, joyfully, safely, and to be supported by our larger community.  The differences between people are good, and are in fact something to CELEBRATE!

2.)    I am equally excited to announce the impending release of my new single, "On The Way To Ashfield", on June 21st.  This is the first single off of the new record, "The List Of Whales", which will be out in its entirety in Fall 2013.  My producer (Garrett Sawyer at Northfire Studios) have worked EXTREMELY hard over the last couple of months getting this thing ready.  I hope you love it as much as we do. 

To celebrate, we're throwing a party at the Montague Bookmill in Montague, MA on June 21st.  THIS IS GOING TO BE A SUPER FUN SHOW!  I have an amazing band lined up that night including most of the folks who played on the song.  The incredible June & the Bee will open and do backing harmonies.  We will also screen the new video.

I hope to see you!


Want to be in a video for my song "Girls Like Me"?


I'm collaborating with film-maker extraordinaire, Tom Knight, to make a video for my song "Girls Like Me". I hope you'll consider being in it! I don't care about specific identity (gender, orientation, etc) I'm just looking for a happy, upbeat crowd that's as diverse as possible. At the same time, I'd love to have a substantial presence of queer/trans/lesbian/bi/gay/lesbian people in the video. For all the details, see below.

Where: We'll be filming at
Wild Life Sanctuary Studio
221 Pine St, #349
Florence, MA 01062

When: Saturday, April 6, 2-4:30 pm

What: Basically we're throwing a party and filming it. People will arrive at 2, wearing fancy/fanciful/colorful clothing. At around 2:30 my partner Seal will teach the group a short, easy dance routine. We'll play the song and film people learning and doing the dance. We'll also film people dancing, alone and in couples. Anyone who wants to do a brief lip-synced part of the song will be filmed.

The Song: To hear the song, go to:

Message: We're looking to create a joyful, playful, celebratory atmosphere. The basic message is "Why would you want to be homophobic? Come and join our party! It's way more fun."

I'm hoping to release the video on YouTube this Spring while CA's prop 8 is in the Supreme Court and the DOMA debates are raging. There will be a slight "pro-legalizing gay marriage" theme to the video, so participants should be comfortable with that.

Other Details:
There will be a play area set up for kids. Some child care will be available.

People who are "camera shy" are still encouraged to come. The more people we have, the better. If you don't want to have your face featured in the video, that's fine!

You DON'T have to be a good dancer!

Also, you DON'T have to be gay to be in this video! Everyone is welcome!

This is going to be FUN, so please join us!




Falling In Love


A couple of days ago I was at Northfire Recording Studio with my producer, Garrett Sawyer, listening to rough mixes of the new record, The List of Whales.  There were no vocals, just instruments: Garrett on bass, J.J. O'Connell on drums, Jim Henry playing guitar and mandolin, Zoe Darrow playing fiddle, me playing the piano.  About half way through the second song I became aware that I was feeling kind of weird and vaguely uncomfortable.  My belly was in a knot and kind of queasy, my heart was racing and I felt sort of out of breath.  At the same time as I was feeling extremely happy, ecstatic even, there was this vague feeling of aprehension and unfamiliarity.  And then it hit me....this is how it feels when I fall in love!  Turns out I have a whopping huge crush on this record!  I hope you will, too.

If all goes as planned, I hope to be done by late Spring.  Please stay tuned!

Also, did you know that Piti Theatre's show about the disappearance of honeybees, To Bee or Not to Bee, just got back from Switzerland where my songs were performed en française? You can practice your french by reading the Swiss press here.

Our upcoming performances (which all include post-show honey tastings!) include:

If you are interested in our bringing this show to your local elementary school, email me or Piti Artistic Director Jonathan Mirin at

For a review of the show, check out:




First, thanks again to everyone who contributed to my fundraising campaign, or who spread the word!  We raised $8,000! 

I'll be heading into the studio in mid-December.  I'll be doing most of the recording at Northfire Studios in Amherst, MA with Garrett Sawyer, who will also be playing bass.  We'll be joined by J.J. O'Connell on drums and Jim Henry playing guitar, mandolin and dobro.  There will also be some special guests, to be announced later.  I'm excited and looking forward to getting to work!


Don't Forget To Vote Tomorrow!


For those of you who are Obama supporters, here's a video made by my friends Gavin Thomas and Jesse Epstein.  Gavin wrote the song and Jesse made the video from bits and pieces of new and found footage.  And that's me singing backup here and there!  It is meant to motivate and inspire.  I hope you enjoy it!


My RAP Video!

Raising Funds For My Next Record!



It's official!  I've started raising funds for my next record, The List of Whales!  I'm so excited!  I'm doing it through Indiegogo, an online fundraising platform. To get my message across, I've created a hilarious RAP video.  I love it!

Check out my Indiegogo campaign here:

For those of you who don't know, Indiegogo is a secure online fundraising platform that enables artists and entrepreneurs to raise funds for various projects.  My goal is to raise $11,000 by November 26.  All of that money, except for Indiegogo's 9% fee will towards making the record.

Here's how it works:  If you contribute to this project and you tell your friends.... and a bunch of people do the same thing... and we raise $11,000... then I will make a beautiful record for you!  You'll basically be acting as my record company! 

Breaking it down shows how doable this goal could be with your support.  Basically, if 40 people contribute $10, 40 people contribute $15, 140 people contribute $25, 25 people contribute $50, 20 people contribute $100, 4 people contribute $200, 3 people contribute $300, 2 people contribute $500, and 1 person contributes $1,000, then I will reach my goal!

At every level of contribution I have some great rewards set up.  Besides the record itself, these include, t-shirts, a custom-written song, house concerts and CAKE!  As the holidays are coming up, I'm also offering gift certificates! 

Please check it out!




I'm out in Northern CA, visiting my folks for all of August, soaking in the FOG! and  a little itsy bit of sun....and the SPECTACULAR ocean beaches and redwoods and the glorious Trinity River.....Why did I leave here?  Oh yes, because I fell in love with folks on the East Coast.  I really do feel torn.  Its fitting to be here right now, though, getting ready to launch (in October!) an online fundraiser for this next record.  Several songs on this next recording sort of mentally inhabit the North Coast for me...and there will be a lot of whales mentioned, which also makes me think of here.  In fact, I'm thinking of calling the record "The List of Whales".  I've been taking a break from performing, which is good, and a little weird.  Playing guitar a lot with an old high school buddy, and also playing a sweet old Fender Rhodes borrowed from Nico (Cyber Camel, Bucky Walters) who lives across the street from my folks.  Blueberry crisp, black berry pie and sandwiches from The Hole In The Wall Sandwich Shop...all the old familiar tastes of summer in Arcata, CA!

A few fun shows coming up when I get back:  My band is playing the North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival in Orange, MA on September 29, 1 pm, main stage.  We've been wanting to play this festival for years, so we're really looking forward to it.  Also, October 5th we have the honor of doing a co-bill with Danielle ate the Sandwich (of YouTube fame!) at the Lily Pad in Cambridge, MA, 7 pm.  Danielle is spectacular and fun and funny and this will be a  beautiful show!  And then we're back home at the Montague Bookmill on October 6th for a split bill with Kristin Ford and Kara Kulpa, who are both amazing songwriters and performers.

I hope to see you!




I've got 2 shows this month, both I'm really excited about.  First, my band is playing at the Upper Valley Music Festival in Turners Falls, MA, on July 21st, 8 pm at the Rendezvous.  Hosted by my good friends Tommy and Jessica Byrnes of Sovereignty Music Services, the UVMF features 30 local and regional music acts in multiple venues, and is a giant benefit for the American Cancer Society.  Its only 10 bucks for the whole day!

On July 25th, 8 pm, Chris Scanlon and I will be back in New York City for a show at the Pianos NYC Upstairs Lounge.  We're both really excited about getting to play at this prestigious venue.  As usual, we'll each be each other's "backing band".  Come help us fill the place!

I'm taking most of the summer off to "work on some projects", hopefully to be revealed later, and in August I'll be going out to CA to visit my folks.  Please keep your eyes peeled (that is a disgusting saying!) for my online fundraising campaign, to be launched in September.  If anyone out there has ideas about good rewards you'd like to see offered as contribution incentives, please let me know!





I’m excited about this month! We will be videoing and recording the Montague Bookmill show on May 25 to begin the life of my new album! It will be a fundraising kick-off and we will create a demo recording of all the album's songs. I will be playing with an awesome band, which includes all the musicians from my 2011 First Night Northampton show plus a few special guests. The Bookmill is one of the best places in the Valley to hear and play music. It's elegant, laid-back and magical, plus they have great food and drinks. Wishbone Zoe will start the night with her beautiful "junkyard folk". I will be using the demo recording and video to create a Kickstarter campaign this summer. I hope you can come join in the celebration and great night of music! (Tell your friends!)

I'm also honored to be performing again in the "Campfire" festival at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA. This is a 3 day event featuring nearly 100 bands and singer-songwriters playing in the round. It's only $10 for the entire weekend and if you're a music lover, it's a great way to discover new artists.

"To Bee or Not to Bee", the show I'm doing with Piti Theater, will be debuting May 13 at the Benson Place in Heath, MA. This is an informative and fun show for children about bees. For more information and dates please check out:

April was a really fun month. Chris Scanlon and I had a blast on our "mini tour" down to CT and Brooklyn, playing to a packed room at Pete's Candy Store on Saturday night. In mid April I was interviewed by Mary Wheelan on her wonderful show about singer-songwriters, "The Song", on Frontier Community Access Television. I've been told that my episode has been the "most watched show of the month", which is exciting! My episode and others can be viewed here:


To Bee or Not to Bee!


On Sunday Jan. 22 I had my first rehearsal with Shelburne's Piti Theater for their upcoming show "To Bee or Not to Bee", debuting in March.    It's a funny (believe it or not, considering the subject!), kid-oriented, educational, musical play about Colony Colapse Syndrome and commercial bee-keeping, with over-arcing themes of sustainability and deep ecology.  I'm collaborating with them, writing music and lyrics...I'm even performing in the show.  Comprised of actor/writer Jonathan Mirin and choreographer/designer Godelieve Richards, Piti Theater is literally a Mom and Pop endeavor doing interesting, important, and entertaining work.  They're currently running an Indie GoGo campaign to raise funds.  Please check it out!


Best Time Ever!


I just got back from an incredible (as in, SO FUN!) show at Northampton's First Night.  Tonight's band was comprised of Jim, JJ, Emily, and Sara.  We kicked butt.  Thanks to everyone who came out to see us.  What a blast.  Now its time for First Snack!


Fall Shows



I've got some fun shows coming up!  I'm really excited to be playing with Wishbone Zoe at the Rendezvous on Saturday October 8th.  If you have not heard this new band yet, then you MUST come and check them out (or at least check their website below).

I'm also excited to announce that this Fall I'll be collaborating (writing songs!) with Shelburne's Piti Theater on their latest project, To Bee or Not to Bee, to be premiered at the 3rd annual Syrup Performing Arts Festival in Shelburne Falls next March.  The play will be performed in schools around the region and will deal with the crises currently affecting Honey Bees, and its repercussions on a larger scale.  A fund-raising brunch will be held on Sunday Oct. 16th from 10-2 pm at Hope and Olive in Greenfield.  The event will feature local honey specials. H&O will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the project.


Club Passim Campfire Tonight


Tonight I'll be at Club Passim's legendary Campfire Festival in Boston, MA:  4 days of singer-songwriter's playing in various combinations....some of the best folks from around the country.  I am super honored to get to be a part of it!  The show starts at 6pm and  I'll be on at 9 pm, playing in the round with Lloyd Thayer, Jeremy Lyons, and Eric-Scott Guthrie.  For more info. check out:


Summer News



I've just returned from a short tour with Daniel Hales, playing some great shows in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Kent and Ann Arbor.  A big thanks to Emily and her family for the wonderful house concert in Pittsburgh, to Shak and Ollie in Ann Arbor, and to Daniel's friends Ian and Christine in Cleveland for hosting us for two days. I also got to open for Cheryl Wheeler last Friday.... what a great experience!  She is a an amazing, inspiring songwriter and performer.


While in Cleveland we checked out the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame....pretty fantastic...though it hadn't occurred to me that what we'd mostly be looking at were old costumes....turns out the history of Rock n' Roll is a LOT of old clothes.  Who knew?  Also, they had this special exhibit of "Women in Rock" which was practically in the attic, up this spiral staircase, all the way up at the top of the building in the  5th floor....and I kid you not, if you want to find the women in Rock n' Roll, if you have to go up there...otherwise, good luck with the rest of the building.


Check out the calendar for upcoming August and early September shows.  I'll be taking most of September off from performing and then in October I'm hoping to start recording the next please stay tuned.....



Summer Shows and Mini Tours!


Happy Summer!

The house concert on July 3 at the Discipleship Year House in WADC was a blast!  Thanks so much to Sasha Adkins for making it happen!  

Daniel Hales and I are hitting the road again for another mini tour: we've got a house concert in Pittsburgh on Thur 3/21, then shows in Ohio on Fri and Sat, finishing up with a show in Ann Arbor, MI, on Sunday 8/24.  Check the calendar for details!


TV 22 Mass Appeal: Me playing Grandmother Tree live!


I just got back from TV 22 down in Chicopee, MA.  I was on their daily show, Mass Appeal, along with Wayne Smith and Jonathan Mirrin from the Syrup Performing Arts Festival (happening this Sat 3/26).  They recorded me playing 'Grandmother Tree'.  Check out the segment (I'm on towards the end):


Tonight! 2/17/2011

Tonight we'll have our debut performance as a band in the Boston area at Perks Coffeehouse in Norwood. We'll be playing with Chris Scanlon and the Other Guys. This is going to be a great show, so please come out and join us!

Northampton Pride 2011

Yippee! We've been invited to play this year's Pride Festival in Northampton, MA, on Saturday, May 7. The last time I played Pride it was half the size it is today. I can't wait!

The Independent Music Conference

I just spent the whole weekend, from Thurs 11/18 - Sunday 11/19, at the Northampton Independent Music Conference. It was so great. If you are an independent musician, and you didn't go this year, I HIGHLY recommend that you attend the next time it comes to your area (I think they'll be in LA next year). It was 4 days packed with workshops, performances, mentoring sessions, networking, demonstrations....friendly people, interesting and helpful was fantastic!

This weekend:

Tomorrow, Friday August 27th I'll be at the Deja Brew Pub in Wendell, MA with Nur, Emily and the Amys....this is going to be a really fun show. I love this band! We might be being filmed for a TV show, too, so if you come, you could be on TV! Saturday August 28th, Amy O and I will be playing at the Tomato Festival at Red Fire Farm in Granby, MA, accompanied by the awesome duo of Bruce and Leo from the Warblers. We'll go on at 12 noon sharp. Crafts, music, celebrity chefs, composting demonstrations,beautiful VEGETABLES the Nields are doing a children's set. Hope for sun!

I Love My Band!

I have been having the great luck to play with a fantastic group of musicians this summer. Amy Oelsner has been singing glorious back-up vocals; the mysteriously groovey Amy Acker (Cherry Street Band)has been playing bass; and Emily Breines (Plump, Frost Heaves, Chris Scanlon Band) has been laying down her signature gorgeous violin lines. Funk-meister Sam French from Groove Shoes and The Ghost Quartet sat in with us for a few shows. And recently, drummer/percussionist/multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Nur Habib has joined the band. We're taking July off for VACATION and rehearsals, but check out our upcoming August and September full-band shows!

Thanks for the great party!

Wow, we sold out the Iron Horse, 210 tickets for the Feb 29 CD release party! Thanks to the Iron Horse and everyone who came and helped me pull it off! I am so fortunate to have had such an AMAZING backing band. Jim Henry played dobro, guitar and mandolin; Paul Kochanski played bass; J.J. O'Connell played drums; Emily Breines played fiddle; and Amy Oelsner sang with me. Chris Scanlon joined us for a few tunes, and Jose Ayerve opened with his gorgeous voice and songs. My favorite part of the night was when I got to thank everybody by having people stand up. When I asked for "anybody whose ever given me a pep talk", practically the whole room stood up! I wasn't expecting that.