Carrie Ferguson

April News: Simmering, Awards, Upcoming Shows, Piti Theatre

I can't believe it is April already!  I'm writing to you from beautiful, unseasonably clear-skyed Arcata, Northern California.  I'm out here for a week, visiting my parents and friends and taking a little break from the lingering winter back East.  My plan is to return to full fledged Spring!  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.


February and March were months of simmering and lying low for me, working on various projects, working with Piti Theatre on our new show, staying close to home (except one dreamy week in Florida!) and then March hit with THE FLU!  Whoah.  What a doozie!


Here are some of the projects I'm up to:



A lot of February and March was spent working with Piti Theatre getting our latest show, INNOCENZO, ready for its debut at the Syrup Festival in late March. INNOCENZO uses clowning, puppetry, music and songs (written by yours truly in collaboration with Jonathan Mirin), and dance to tell the story of a clown who discovers that he has Electro Magnetic Sensitivity.   It's a smart, light-hearted, entertaining treatment of a somber and important subject.  We're really excited about this show and will be touring with it this Spring.  For more information about upcoming shows, please see below or visit  Piti's Website.


New Recording In the Works

As many of you know, this year Piti Theatre and I were awarded a $2,000 Iguana Fund Grant from Boston's Club Passim.  We'll be using the funds to create a "Greatest Hits" Collection of songs from the 5 shows that we've created and performed together.  Recording will begin in the June.  Stay tuned!  And, thanks, Club Passim!


First Place in Eventide Arts Songwriting Competition, Children's 

I'm honored to report that my song The Grumpy Time Club, co-written with Garrett and Samara Sawyer, has won first place in the Children's category of the the Eventide Songwriting Competition.  For more information about this great Arts Organization and the contest, click here.


Rockwood Music Hall and Somerville Armory Shows

I'm looking forward to playing with my dear friend and long-time music collaborator Chris Scanlon at the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on Sunday April 19th at 3 pm.  This is our first time performing in this prestigious venue, so we could sure use your support!  Milkshakes afterwards!


Saturday May 2nd, 8 pm, I'll be in Somerville, MA, at the Somerville Armory as part of their Singersongwriter Sessions.  I'll be performing in the round with award-winning Maine songwriter Paddy Mills and the legendary Boston songwriter Terry Kitchen.  This is going to be a beautiful and fun night so if you live in the Boston area, I hope you can make it!