Carrie Ferguson

Big June News!

Hi Everyone!

Two big pieces of news this month:

1.)    I'm releasing my new video, Girls Like Me, on YouTube on June 13th!  I am super excited!  This is the culmination of several months of work by me and film maker Tom Knight.  We had a FANTASTIC turn-out for the big shoot on April 6, and then we followed up with several smaller shoots as well.  Over all I think we have about 60 people in the video!  I am deeply grateful to everyone who came and showed their beautiful faces!  (And yes, those are my parents!) Thanks also to my beautiful partner, Seal, who choreographed the group dance.

As I write this the US Supreme Court is debating the constitutionality of California's Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.  Both of these unfair, backwards, hateful laws need to be overturned.  Now is the time!

Beyond marriage equality, my hope with this song, and with this video, is to convey the simple message that we should all have the right to be who we are, joyfully, safely, and to be supported by our larger community. 

2.)    I am equally excited to announce the impending release of my new single, "On The Way To Ashfield", on June 21st.  This is the first single off of the new record, "The List Of Whales", which will be out in its entirety in Fall 2013.  My producer (Garrett Sawyer at Northfire Studios) have worked EXTREMELY hard over the last couple of months getting this thing ready.  I hope you love it as much as we do. 

To celebrate, we're throwing a party at the Bookmill in Montague, MA on June 21st.  THIS IS GOING TO BE A SUPER FUN SHOW!  I have an amazing band lined up that night including most of the folks who played on the song.  The incredible June & the Bee will open and do backing harmonies.  We will also screen the new video.

I hope to see you!