Carrie Ferguson

Falling In Love

A couple of days ago I was at Northfire Recording Studio with my producer, Garrett Sawyer, listening to rough mixes of the new record, The List of Whales.  There were no vocals, just instruments: Garrett on bass, J.J. O'Connell on drums, Jim Henry playing guitar and mandolin, Zoe Darrow playing fiddle, me playing the piano.  About half way through the second song I became aware that I was feeling kind of weird and vaguely uncomfortable.  My belly was in a knot and kind of queasy, my heart was racing and I felt sort of out of breath.  At the same time as I was feeling extremely happy, ecstatic even, there was this vague feeling of aprehension and unfamiliarity.  And then it hit me....this is how it feels when I fall in love!  Turns out I have a whopping huge crush on this record!  I hope you will, too.

If all goes as planned, I hope to be done by late Spring.  Please stay tuned!

Also, did you know that Piti Theatre's show about the disappearance of honeybees, To Bee or Not to Bee, just got back from Switzerland where my songs were performed en française? You can practice your french by reading the Swiss press here.

Our upcoming performances (which all include post-show honey tastings!) include:

If you are interested in our bringing this show to your local elementary school, email me or Piti Artistic Director Jonathan Mirin at

For a review of the show, check out: