Carrie Ferguson


I've got 2 shows this month, both I'm really excited about.  First, my band is playing at the Upper Valley Music Festival in Turners Falls, MA, on July 21st, 8 pm at the Rendezvous.  Hosted by my good friends Tommy and Jessica Byrnes of Sovereignty Music Services, the UVMF features 30 local and regional music acts in multiple venues, and is a giant benefit for the American Cancer Society.  Its only 10 bucks for the whole day!

On July 25th, 8 pm, Chris Scanlon and I will be back in New York City for a show at the Pianos NYC Upstairs Lounge.  We're both really excited about getting to play at this prestigious venue.  As usual, we'll each be each other's "backing band".  Come help us fill the place!

I'm taking most of the summer off to "work on some projects", hopefully to be revealed later, and in August I'll be going out to CA to visit my folks.  Please keep your eyes peeled (that is a disgusting saying!) for my online fundraising campaign, to be launched in September.  If anyone out there has ideas about good rewards you'd like to see offered as contribution incentives, please let me know!