Carrie Ferguson


I’m excited about this month! We will be videoing and recording the Montague Bookmill show on May 25 to begin the life of my new album! It will be a fundraising kick-off and we will create a demo recording of all the album's songs. I will be playing with an awesome band, which includes all the musicians from my 2011 First Night Northampton show plus a few special guests. The Bookmill is one of the best places in the Valley to hear and play music. It's elegant, laid-back and magical, plus they have great food and drinks. Wishbone Zoe will start the night with her beautiful "junkyard folk". I will be using the demo recording and video to create a Kickstarter campaign this summer. I hope you can come join in the celebration and great night of music! (Tell your friends!)

I'm also honored to be performing again in the "Campfire" festival at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA. This is a 3 day event featuring nearly 100 bands and singer-songwriters playing in the round. It's only $10 for the entire weekend and if you're a music lover, it's a great way to discover new artists.

"To Bee or Not to Bee", the show I'm doing with Piti Theater, will be debuting May 13 at the Benson Place in Heath, MA. This is an informative and fun show for children about bees. For more information and dates please check out:

April was a really fun month. Chris Scanlon and I had a blast on our "mini tour" down to CT and Brooklyn, playing to a packed room at Pete's Candy Store on Saturday night. In mid April I was interviewed by Mary Wheelan on her wonderful show about singer-songwriters, "The Song", on Frontier Community Access Television. I've been told that my episode has been the "most watched show of the month", which is exciting! My episode and others can be viewed here: