Carrie Ferguson

New Album Released Locally


Thanks to everyone who braved the ice and cold come out to the show at the Iron Horse on January 5th.  We packed the place!  Thanks to Chris Scanlon and the Other Guys for starting the show off on the right foot.  And thanks to my tremendous band that night:  JJ O'Connell on drums and harmonies; Jim Henry playing guitar and mandolin; Stephen Katz on cello; Steve Yarbro on clarinet and sax; Garrett Sawyer playing bass; Zoe Darrow on fiddle; and Elizabeth Donahue singing harmonies.  I had such a blast!

So yes, it appears that I have joined the unfortunate ranks of MUSICIANS WHOSE CDS DID NOT ARRIVE ON TIME FOR THE CD RELEASE SHOW.

As horrifying as it is to accept, some things, like the weather and large corporations, I have no control over.  The CDs arrived the day after the show, on a bobsled pulled by a team of puffy dogs all named after grains (IE: Amaranth, Buckwheat, Teff, Kamut, etc).....well, no, that was just my fantasy.  Instead they were delivered by the standard brown-clothed UPS dude who was driving a UHaul as apparently many of the UPS trucks were incapacitated by the weather.

Anyway, the CDs are here and I'll be spending the next few weeks delivering/mailing CDs to all my generous Indiegogo sponsors. The official online release will occur in mid-February!