Carrie Ferguson

New Year, New Song Blog


I can't beleve that 2017 is nearly over.  What a doozey this year has been!  Amidst it all, here are some things that have inspired me this year and give me hope for 2018:

The recent election of Doug Jones in Alabama, overthrowing Roy Moore and potentially tipping the balance of power in the Senate.

This Fall, the #MeToo movement with folks coming forward to name their abusers and to share stories of survival from sexual assault and harassment.

Inspired by the #MeToo movement, the surge of women deciding to run for election in 2018. It seems like people are waking up and realizing "Hey!  WHY DON'T I RUN FOR OFFICE?"  Imagine, just imagine, what it would be like if some day >50% of government positions are held by women, LGBTQ people, and people of color?  Wow. That vision gives me chills, the good kind.

On a local note, I am super inspired by the work of local radio host personality, Monte Belmonte from 99.3 WRSI The River.   With his annual fundraising drives to fight cancer and end hunger, his dedication to revitalizing the Shea Theater in Turner's Falls, MA, and many other great projects, Monte is a great example of someone using their celebrity reach for good.

And also very inspiring to me are my two buddies Samara Sawyer (8) and Ajika Sawyer (11) who practice EVERY SINGLE DAY!  They are both wonderful musicians and are featured on my upcoming kid's record, The Grumpy Time Club (hopefully out Fall 2018!), singing and playing trombone and bass.

2018 is already shaping up to be a musically busy year for me.  If all goes as planned, in March Piti Theatre and I will be releasing  our "Greatest Hits"  Collection, Vol I; and in  Fall 2018, I plan to release The Grumpy Time Club.  I'll have more to say about both of those projects in next month's newsletter.

In the meantime, I'm super excited to announce that on January 6, 2018,  I'll be unveling my new Song Blog, Catch and Release.  I've been wanting to do this for years and it is finally happening! This blog will feature as of yet unrealeased tunes from my large back catalogue and songs from Piti Theatre, as well as new songs.  Some of the songs will be professionally recorded and produced, some will be home recorded.  Every week I'll post a new-to-you song along with art, lyrics, a brief story about the song, and a link for streaming/downloading.  To learn more about this project and to SUBSCRIBE!!!!, please visit Catch and Release, a Song Blog.