Carrie Ferguson

Opening for Chely Wright July 30

I just want to let all you local MA folks know that on Sunday July 30, I will be opening for Chely Wright at the Iron Horse in Northampton.  Chely is an award-winning country singer-songwriter and the first openly gay commercial country star.  She's an extremely courageous and inspiring person and I really dig her songs, especially her recent record. There's actually a whole documentary film, called Wish Me Away, about her and her experience coming out to the country music community.  And here's a cool article about her recent record.  


This is going to be a really fun show.  I'll be joined by the angel-voiced Elizabeth Donahue doing harmonies.   As always, you can get the best deal if you get your tickets from me.  No pesky phone or counter fees! Tickets are $17.50 ahead of time, and $20 at the door.  Just email me if you're interested!