Carrie Ferguson

Opening for Patty Larkin at the Iron Horse Feb 10

I've been up to a bunch of stuff, including a new little cover band, and a stint this past January playing keys with the Pioneer Valley's Rock Voices choir.


Like many folks I know, I've also been reeling from the results of the presidential election, alternating between despair, and excitement about the enormous wave of positive energy and activism that is sweeping the country in resistance to the policies of the new administration.  As the first full catasrophic week of Trump unfolded, I found myself thinking "What's the point of making music and art?  Why bother?  Now isn't the time for singing and dancing..."  But of course, this IS exactly the time for singing and dancing!  The whole point of art and music is to get people MOVING, THINKING, and  FEELING.


Across the country musicians/artists/people are figuring out how best to contribute positively and creatively to the fight against Mr. Trump's racist, bigoted, anti-environment agenda. Locally in Western MA, you can expect some benefit concerts and compilations on the horizon.  I will keep you posted!



Check out this recent music video by my buddy Tom Knight!

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AND...I have two exciting upcoming shows to tell you about:



On Friday, February 10th I'll have the privilege of opening for Patty Larkin at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA. The music magazine Performing Songwriter described Patty as "a drop dead brilliant guitar player, a richly textural singer, a commanding, poetic songwriter, a hilarious and personable entertainer."  I feel quite honored to share a bill with Patty am really looking forward to this show!  Tickets are $25 at the door, $20 plus fees at the NoHo Box Office, and just $20 if you get them from me.  If you're interested in obtaining cheapest tickets, please contact me:



Also, on Sunday February 19th, I'll be playing a dinner show at The Deja Brew Pub in Wendell, MA, from 6:30 to 9 pm with my new duo, 2 The Moon.  2 The Moon is comprised of myself on piano and the lovely vocalist Shelley Hines.  We will be playing a fun and diverse assortment of familiar tunes from many genres and eras, including a few originals.  Come hear our playful take on "lounge music"!