Carrie Ferguson

Out in California

I'm out in CA on my annual trip to Humboldt County, where I grew up, visiting my folks and friends and the Pacific Ocean.  I've been visiting the beaches and the river, doing yard work,  and making huge amounts of broth for my father who is recovering from hernia surgery.  Last weekend I got to do my first official show out here, at the Fieldbrook Winery. The audience was comprised of people who knew me in pre-school, elementary school, high-school, early early college.....I felt like I was coming out as a grown up!  I had a GREAT time.  I got to reconnect with old friends and classmates....and they were such a great audience! It was such a treat to be LISTENED to.   Being a singer-songwriter, that's a real moment to savor. Big thanks to the Winery, to Leah and Judy Hodgson, and to my parents, who really had my back!

I've been doing a lot of songwriting, collaborating with Pit Theater's Jonathan Mirin and Godelieve Richards, who are in Switzerland right now.  We're working on Piti's newest project, 'Innocenzo', which is about Electro Magnetic Sensitivity and life in the time of Wireless Communication...yes, its a grim topic, but we're managing to have a lot of fun with it.  The new show should be making its stateside debut next Spring.

I also want to mention that I had a great time at the Solar Fest Songwriting Contest in Tinmouth, VT last month.  I ended up performing Wooden Nickel (thanks for the suggestion, Josh Brasca) and Paris.  I felt really good about my performance and met a lot of wonderful people, heard a lot of great music, and ate some wonderful food.  (Actually, I bought the same thing 3 meals in a row:  a huge plate of fresh organic salad, baba ghanoush, beets, chickpeas and home made bread and butter!  YUM!)  Congratulations to winners Connor Garvey, Gary Moon, and Carolann Solabello!

Coming up, the weekend of September 5th and 6th, I'll be teaming up once again with my Songbirds of New England buddies, Heather Pierson and Caroline Cotter.  We'll be doing two shows, at Salyards Center for the Arts in Conway, NH, and The Montague Bookmill, in Montague, MA.  If you haven't had a chance to come out and see our show yet, please do. Both Caroline and Heather are extraordinary writers and performers - Heather is an INCREDIBLE pianist!  I am not kidding.  The three of us swap songs and back each other up, its a veritable "Song Buffet".  Please come and check us out!