Carrie Ferguson

Summer News


I've just returned from a short tour with Daniel Hales, playing some great shows in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Kent and Ann Arbor.  A big thanks to Emily and her family for the wonderful house concert in Pittsburgh, to Shak and Ollie in Ann Arbor, and to Daniel's friends Ian and Christine in Cleveland for hosting us for two days. I also got to open for Cheryl Wheeler last Friday.... what a great experience!  She is a an amazing, inspiring songwriter and performer.


While in Cleveland we checked out the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame....pretty fantastic...though it hadn't occurred to me that what we'd mostly be looking at were old costumes....turns out the history of Rock n' Roll is a LOT of old clothes.  Who knew?  Also, they had this special exhibit of "Women in Rock" which was practically in the attic, up this spiral staircase, all the way up at the top of the building in the  5th floor....and I kid you not, if you want to find the women in Rock n' Roll, if you have to go up there...otherwise, good luck with the rest of the building.


Check out the calendar for upcoming August and early September shows.  I'll be taking most of September off from performing and then in October I'm hoping to start recording the next please stay tuned.....