Carrie Ferguson

Summer Stuff

The summer is whistling past my ears!  It’s been a great one so far, though!  In late June I got to take a 10 day VACATION with my sweetie.  We went to the Cape, and then to Acadia up in Maine.  SO BEAUTIFUL!  If you have never been to Acadia, you must go!  We had great weather the whole time, too.  We did a little biking and hiking and a lot of relaxing.  Some ice-cream was consumed as well.

On July 19th, I was honored to perform as one of 10 finalists in the annual Songwriter’s Showcase at the VT Solar Festival .  Solar Fest is an exciting and eclectic sustainability-themed festival in Tinmouth, VT.  Check it out here.  Congratulations go out to winners Connor Garvey, Carolann E. Solabello, and Gary Moon!  And thanks to everyone who replied to last month's newsletter with suggestions for which songs to do!  There were a lot of different opinions, but the top picks were 'To the Moon', 'Sealie', 'Thomas' Horse', and 'Wooden Nickel'.  I ended up performing 'Paris' and 'Wooden Nickel' for the competition and 'To the Moon' and 'Cat and Piggy' for the song circle later that night.  I had a great weekend, met some wonderful new songwriter buddies, and heard some great music.

I’m also looking forward to playing once more at the 4th annual Upper Valley Music Festival, this year being held in Greenfield, MA on July 26.  This incredible festival is put on by my friends Jess and Tommy Byrnes at Sovereignty Music and is a benefit for the American Cancer Soceity.  Talk about eclectic!  It features over 30 local and regional bands/performers in all genres, AND it’s only fifteen bucks!  This festival is definitely a little-known gem and I highly recommend it.  I’ll be playing at the Arts Block at 7 pm with my buddies  Chris Scanlon and the Other Guys , and then again with my own band (including members of the Gaslight Tinkers, who are also playing the UVM Festival at the Energy Park at 6 pm) at 8 pm. Check it out here.