Carrie Ferguson

Want to be in a video for my song "Girls Like Me"?

I'm collaborating with film-maker extraordinaire, Tom Knight, to make a video for my song "Girls Like Me". I hope you'll consider being in it! I don't care about specific identity (gender, orientation, etc) I'm just looking for a happy, upbeat crowd that's as diverse as possible. At the same time, I'd love to have a substantial presence of queer/trans/lesbian/bi/gay/lesbian people in the video. For all the details, see below.

Where: We'll be filming at
Wild Life Sanctuary Studio
221 Pine St, #349
Florence, MA 01062

When: Saturday, April 6, 2-4:30 pm

What: Basically we're throwing a party and filming it. People will arrive at 2, wearing fancy/fanciful/colorful clothing. At around 2:30 my partner Seal will teach the group a short, easy dance routine. We'll play the song and film people learning and doing the dance. We'll also film people dancing, alone and in couples. Anyone who wants to do a brief lip-synced part of the song will be filmed.

The Song: To hear the song, go to:

Message: We're looking to create a joyful, playful, celebratory atmosphere. The basic message is "Why would you want to be homophobic? Come and join our party! It's way more fun."

I'm hoping to release the video on YouTube this Spring while CA's prop 8 is in the Supreme Court and the DOMA debates are raging. There will be a slight "pro-legalizing gay marriage" theme to the video, so participants should be comfortable with that.

Other Details:
There will be a play area set up for kids. Some child care will be available.

People who are "camera shy" are still encouraged to come. The more people we have, the better. If you don't want to have your face featured in the video, that's fine!

You DON'T have to be a good dancer!

Also, you DON'T have to be gay to be in this video! Everyone is welcome!

This is going to be FUN, so please join us!