Library Concerts

My concerts for libraries and pre-schools are fun and interactive, with plenty of dancing, singing, and audience participation.  My music is positive and upbeat, featuring themes of inclusivity, self-care, accepting feelings, love of nature, environmental stewardship, and just all around joy for life.  As an LGBTQ artist I am particularly interested in offering supportive and encouraging messages to LGBTQ children and their families.   

My concerts for libraries comes in two sizes:  Either a 45 minute program of just me with my keyboard and guitar, or an hour (or 1 and 1/2 hour) long concert with me and my highly - danceable band, The Grumpytime Club Band, which features several teen musicians.  Both shows, but especially the full band show, are great as outdoor events.  If a sound system is not available we can provide our own.

Please contact me for more information, rates, and booking.  Thanks so much!

Testimonials (Music for Children and Families)

"Carrie played a show at the library concert series over the Summer and the community really came together to enjoy her music which has such a positive message.  Carrie’s concert was such a success and salve for the community."

- Miriam Warner, Assistant Librarian, Wendell Free Library 

"We have been sharing Carrie's music during our classes for years.  Carrie's music is incredibly positive and uplifting, with themes of self confidence, positive relationships, and acceptance and support for one's emotions. It meets foundational and critical needs for children, especially now during the challenges that families have faced during the pandemic. " 

- Seal LaMadeleine, Director,  Deer Paths Nature School  

"Carrie's music inspires our whole family to sing, laugh and dance together. Lines from her songs pop up at random all the time--from the bathtub, the backseat of the car, and from the other side of a child's bedroom door. Carrie's message of loving ourselves for exactly who we are while putting ourselves in other people's shoes has prompted family conversations about compassion, acceptance, and empathy, which we need so much right now. How is it possible to combine these more serious topics with silliness, play, and fun? Head on down to the Grumpytime Club and find out!" 

-Robin Wilson, school librarian and mom of two

"Carrie and the Grumpytime Club Band came to play in our backyard and we had the most wonderful time! They had the audience dancing (both kids and grown ups) and at times it got very lively! The music was infused with a spirit of fun, unity, acceptance and just overall joy, and everyone who attended had a blast. For us, it was the perfect way to host a party where we could all be brought together by music and the beautiful views from our backyard. "

- Christine Keneally, Conway, MA


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