The Many I Am Project - GoFundMe

I am beyond thrilled to share a groundbreaking project with you – a project that goes beyond music and dance. It's a movement, a celebration, and a beacon of hope for a world where gender diversity is not just accepted but celebrated.

Imagine a dance video set to the infectious beats of my disco rock anthem, "The Many I Am," a powerful celebration of gender diversity, adorned with vibrant horns. This beautiful video is set to make its grand debut in June 2024 for Pride Month, featuring an ensemble of extraordinary transgender, nonbinary, and queer dancers.

As a non-binary artist, I am on a mission to ignite change and spread the profound message that gender diversity is not merely a facet of our humanity – it's a reason to rejoice. In a world marred by hate and discriminatory legislation against transgender individuals, this project stands tall as an act of resistance and visibility, crucial for those facing adversity.

By joining forces with us, you become a direct supporter of grassroots, independent queer art. You stand against the tide of fear-driven transphobia, refusing to let the voices of queer and transgender individuals be silenced. Together, we craft a powerful message of hope and solidarity for the LGBTQIA+ community and allies worldwide.

Here's how you can be a driving force behind this transformative project:

  • Make a contribution: Every dollar counts, and no amount is too small. Your support fuels our mission.
  • Sponsor a dancer: Elevate your impact by sponsoring one of our incredible dancers for $350. Your investment is a testament to your commitment to visualizing gender diversity.
  • Spread the word: Share this fundraiser within your circles. Amplify the message, and let's create a ripple effect of change.
  • Join the mailing list: Be among the first to experience the magic by signing up for our mailing list. Share the song and video when they launch, spreading the celebration even further.

"The Many I Am" is more than a song and dance – it's a triumphant reminder of our beauty and strength. It boldly declares that we are here, we have always been here, and we are unapologetically not going anywhere. 

For more information, check out:
The Many I Am Project - GoFundMe

Check out the video for my song, "She, He, They (A Pronoun Song)"!  This is a cheerful little tune explaining personal pronouns and celebrating diversity of gender expression, starring my friends, family, and cat!

Welcome to the Grumpytime Club!

 My album for kids and families is out and available on all online streaming platforms! Released in June 2021, The Grumpytime Club offers children and families welcoming and inclusive messages about accepting feelings, celebrating differences, and loving ourselves exactly as we are. 

As a queer and gender queer artist, I’ve learned that inner strength derives from knowing, accepting, and loving yourself.  I've also learned how important it is to use that strength to celebrate and show up for other people and the world in general. I hope this album will give young people and all listeners a boost of love and confidence on their own journeys.