Piti Theatre

In 2012, I began my first collaboration with Western MA theater company, Piti Theatre, for the performance “To Bee or Not to Bee.”  Piti Theatre's mission is to accelerate community transformation towards joy, sustainability and justice. Piti (pronounced "pea-tea") is a word from ancient India meaning "joy" or "rapture" is literally a "Mom and Pop" organization founded by husband and wife duo Jonathan Mirrin (Director/Playwright) , and Godelieve Richards (Artistic Director/Choreographer), and also includes Laura Josephs (actor/musician/assistant) 

Since 2012 I have continued as musician-in-residence, collaborating on many subsequent projects as a performer and composer, including the touring production “Innocenzo” and the “mini-musicals” for elementary schools “Olde Coleraine”, “Grandpa Magnet”, “This is Your Rock”, and “The Time Capsule.”  In 2015 we received a grant from Club Pasim's Iguana Fund and produced our first album of show tunes "Piti Theatre's Greatest Bits Vol. I" 

Piti does several school residences each year and performs throughout the Northeast US in various community venues such as libraries, community centers, museums and festivals.  In summer 2019 Piti toured Canada (without me!) performing in the Regina, Wilmington, Edmonton and Calgary Fringe Festivals. 

Piti hosts two annual festivals in Western MA: The Dinosaur Fest in Greenfield, MA in Fall, and Syrup Performing Arts Festival in Shelburne Falls, MA in the Spring. 

"Piti Theatre's Greatest Bits Vol. I" is available in CD form at shows, and online at Spotify, Apple Music, ITunes, Amazon, Garage Band, Sound Cloud....basically everywhere. 

For more information about Piti, residencies and upcoming shows and workshops, please visit : www.ptco.org