Carrie Ferguson grew up playing an enormous upright, chocolate-brown (to put it politely) piano inherited from the family of one of her father’s third-grade students. This piano, built from the parts of several old pianos by students in a local instrument-building workshop, had a darkly booming, slightly furry quality to it, not unlike the weather outside in her hometown of Arcata on the North Coast of California.  In order to write good music you had to play the way the instrument itself demanded, which to her ear meant sticking to the lower 2/3rds of the keyboard, and using plenty of rolling arpeggios and minor chords. Ferguson credits the stubborn and sonorous voice of her childhood piano, combined with the perpetual fog and exhilarating clamminess of coastal Northern California, as instilling in her the baseline aesthetic of melancholic optimism that still permeates her words and music today.

Currently based in Northampton, Ferguson’s original songs range from playfully jubilant and whimsical, to soaring pop, country-tinged folk and straight up rock. Ferguson’s band, a rotating squad of players from the Pioneer Valley,  uses a shifting palette of instruments and voices to create live shows that are joyful affairs, full of humor and warmth, beautifully showcasing her haunting melodies, and smart, gorgeous lyrics.  

Carrie's long-awaited award-winning album for children and families,"The Grumpy Time Club", will be coming out Friday June 11, 2021.  The Grumpytime Club features "Tavi's Song" which won the Gold Award in the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition, Children's Music, and First Place in the New England Songwriting Competition, Children's Music.  The title track of the album won the Silver Award in the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition, and First Place in the New England Songwriting Competition, Children's Music, in a previous year.

Carrie has opened for Antje Duvekot, Cheryl Wheeler, Livingston Taylor, Chely Wright, Catie Curtis, Patty Larkin, Charles Neville, Jill Sobule, Pamela Means, Laura Love, and Meg Hutchinson, among others.

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The Grumpytime Club Extravaganza! Live Stream Virtual Album Release Show

Live From the Shea Theatre, Turner's Falls

Don't miss The Grumpytime Club Extravaganza! We will be live-streaming from the Shea Theater in Turners Falls, MA, celebrating the release of The Grumpytime Club. I have a fantastic band lined up featuring members of the Gaslight Tinkers, and the Sawyer Sisters. We'll play the whole album, plus some old favorites and a few surprises. Save the date! More information coming soon!