1. Sunlight

From the recording The List of Whales

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Carrie Ferguson

I was born of royal blood but I threw it all away
I left home when I was young, they couldn’t make me stay
I climbed the highest mountains and I sailed the deepest seas
Until I met a Northern Queen who pledged her love to me

I loved her like water I loved her like wind
I sang to her my soul but I couldn’t let her in
And she could not make me settle and she would not block my flow
She loved me like sunlight and then she let me go

And in the West I mined for gold and wrestled grizzley bears
I dove for pearl oysters and I lived on prickly pears
But in the Southern mountains was where I fell in love
Struck in a summer rainstorm like thunder from above

She loved me like water she loved me like wind
She’d never take me with her onlGy tell me where she’d been
And I could not make her settle and I would not block her flow
I loved her like sunlight and then I let her go

Now I’ve had love of every shape and all of it was fine
Sometimes it takes a few mistakes to know your own mind
I’ve chosen things I thought were great that tore my soul apart
Sometimes it takes a few mistakes to know your own heart

So love me like water, I’ll love you like wind
Sing to me your soul and I’ll take you where I’ve been
My heart, it longs to settle, there’s nowhere I want to go,
Let our love be sunlight so on and on it flows