1. Food Song

From the recording The List of Whales

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Food Song

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Food Song
Words and music by Carrie Ferguson

Food is always the setting for our tense, infrequent meetings
It mediates our arguments and buffers the leaving
I know I have a bone to pick with you but it gets stuck in my throat
Instead, I say “please pass the bread”, and laugh at your stupid joke

Well I’ve finally managed to gain back all that weight
I lost when I was with you even though she ate and ate
It was like you had stolen my stomach with my heart
And no matter how much I stuffed my face
I just couldn’t fill up all of that space

I’m not sure if I can love someone who plans to love me back
I’m not used to reciprocity, makes me feel my love is lacking
Some thing that makes it real, “this is not how true love feels
It doesn’t hurt enough, it doesn’t smart enough”

Good love is bread and jam to me, i’ts hearty and its sweet
It feeds me when I’m hungry and I can never over eat
It makes my fingers sticky and leaves stains around my mouth
I’m through with all that fasting, throw those diet pills out

I know where my bread is buttered, now I’m speaking tongue and cheek
I’ve given up that bitter gin and tonic for something much more sweet
You might be spicy and expensive and look good on the plate
But you’re not the best meal, no, you’re not the best meal
I ever ate.