1. Paris

From the recording Riding On the Back Of the Wind

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© 2009 Carrie Ferguson

You looked so pretty in your new black coat
On your way to Paris to drink wine and smoke
I said you look familiar, like someone I once knew
You said I’m still someone who loves you
Even though my coat is new
And you answered all the questions I never should have asked
You caught the plane to Paris, that’s when I saw you last

I was a paper airplane, and how I loved your hands
You folded me and flew me, I hoped I’d never land
I was so much in love with you but you were not in love with you
You left to find another and there was nothing I could do
It’s hard to break a habit, familiar and content
It’s hard remembering how your fortune was spent

La dai lai…..la dai lai…..la la dai

I tell myself stories, when I’m feeling old
We each have our own seasons and this one for me is cold
All the streets in Paris, the buildings of white stone
The boats along the river and the taxis headed home
The cathedrals and the bicycles, the shops selling cheese
The people in their raincoats, I can picture all of these
And you’re standing on a balcony, your face turned towards the Seine
Are you thinking of me or just Paris in the rain?

La dai lai…..la dai lai…..la la dai