1. Tavi's Song

From the recording The Grumpytime Club

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Tavi's Song

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Tavi's Song
By Carrie Ferguson

Tavi, Tavi, Tavi-la
Who will wake the Moon?
She is still asleep and the sun has gone too soon
Winter skies are lonely, the birds have flown away
Tell her that we need her light to end this cold March day

Tavi, Tavi, Tavi-la
Climb up through the stars
Ride along the night wind’s back and leap across the dark
When you reach old Mother Moon dreaming in the sky
Whisper softly in her ears, blow gently on her eyes

Tavi, Tavi, Tavi-la
When the Moon awakes
She’ll sing a song of laughter to see your little face
And as the moon is singing her voice begins to glow
Light and music drifting out down to the Earth below

Tavi, Tavi, Tavi-la
Now your work is through
Somewhere in the darkness comes a song that’s just for you
Go sliding down a moon-beam, through the window to your bed
Your father will sing you to sleep, your mother strokes your head